Monday, May 11, 2009

Closer to the End

The dance recital for Ella's class and the classes I teach was this weekend.  Ella was great and cute of course.  And I obviously am in need of losing weight looking at this picture, eh hem...


I had 3 classes perform in the recital.  Two were 3-4 year olds and one was an accelerated ballet and jazz class.  Here is a photo from their number.


I was glad to get back to sewing some projects today.  Here is a sneak peak at a couple of things I'm making up for a new client for his daughters...  I hope to have the completed projects posted tomorrow!!

patchcat Love that cute kitty face!


Mother's Day was nice with breakfast in bed handmade cards, handpicked "flowers" and a trip to the gym and more...  Hope all you mothers and future mothers and women who don't have kids but are still surrogate mothers to others - had a great day too!

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