Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect Pillow

Rarely do I see something that I love and that I have the perfect place for in my life.  But when I saw this pillow from Crystal's Etsy shop Little Bit Funky, I fell in love and knew the perfect place for it.

dreampillow2Many would assume this would be great for a child's room.  But it works perfectly in our guest room when I have this quilt on the bed.  This quilt was made especially for me for HS graduation by my grandma, all by hand.  It is quite bright and a bit hard to work around, but I have made it work because I love it that much and I loved my grandma and remember her always.


Now isn't that and inviting site for a guest?  Too bad we don't have that many guests.


Been trying to get ready for the Farmer's Market in June, both building up inventory and getting display and pricing ready.  Sometime when I have more figured out, I'll do a mock set up and maybe post pics here for critique.  For now, I'm off to the gym on this rainy day.

2 ripples:

Margaret said...

I saw that pillow on her blog. It is so cute. It looks great with your quilt.

Crystal said...

I am so glad it lives in your home! :)

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