Thursday, June 11, 2009

Getting Ready

Tonight was the night I did a trial run-through of my table setup for the Farmer's Market next Wednesday! My wonderful husband helped by giving me suggestions and doing some of the product prep, oh and taking this photo, which I made into many photos.

I will take you on a tour of my table to show you how I decided to display all of my items.

Well, first off, we have to have a business sign. Since I just found this out last week, I came up with something simple. My business logo in a frame. As I set up the table, the framed logo started to get swallowed up by all of my items. I started to look around the house for some sort of riser for the sign and came up with the idea to stack up a bunch of cookbooks. I will probably tie a bow around the books so there will be less question as to if they are for sale. I also felt the table needed more ambiance, so I added this utensil crock with utensils in it.


Next up, {please pardon the lack of merchandise I didn't feel like getting a bunch of magnet tins out just for a trial run} this was my idea for displaying the magnet sets. {I will replace that sign with a nicer one}. I just took a large cookie sheet that we had and stood it up in a plate display easel that we also already had.


Two towels are displayed on a countertop towel holder I purchased at Homegoods for a steal. The rest of the towels were rolled up and tied with a white ribbon. {Thanks Jason for all of your help with these}. I thought they'd be easier to display this way, not to mention neater. And as I saw those tied up little bundles sitting there, they looked like little gifts. So inviting! I purchase the wire basket at Homegoods as well. Mind you, I had this all worked out in my head before I found the wire basket. Good thing I found one!! And the chalkboard basket labels are from Pottery Barn Kids. I think they add to the ambiance of the table.


The potholders were easier to display than I originally thought they'd be. I thought I had to have them hanging up, but that was near to impossible to figure out in any simple manner. So I found this perfect shaped basket at Ikea. I will have at least one out on the table so people can see what they look like and hopefully make them want to go rummaging through the basket.


Casserole carriers - one will be displayed with a dish in it as seen in this photo and the others fanned out underneath it.


My business cards are printed vertically, so finding a creative way to display them turned out to not be so hard when I saw this glass candle holder at Hobby Lobby. It's the perfect shape and size!


As I close this most exciting tour of my table, I will also point out the wonderful display idea for my apron{s}. My friend Gail came up with this idea and lent me the dress form! Notice the Kitchen Stitchen logo shirt I ordered from Zazzle. As for me, I purchased a polo shirt and my parents have been working hard to convert my logo to an embroidery file for my mom's embroidery machine. I plan to take my shirt there tomorrow to get it all logoed up to wear at the market! Perhaps along with another one of my aprons. Oh, and before I forget. We just bought this table at Aldi on sale. It is so sturdy and collapses so nicely into a portable size complete with handle. And the "table cloth" is a $10 bedspread from Ikea. Probably should iron that up a bit.

FarmersMarket1 I'm getting so excited!!

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Margaret said...

It looks great. I love how you did the towels. I hope you get lots of sells.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Kristi, if you don't rock out at that farmer's market, I will be shocked. Everything looks fantastic. You've put so much thought into it and it shows. Not to mention, the merchandise you're selling? Should speak for itself. My brother still mentions the towels and how much he loves them!

Trish said...

super cute! I would definitely come over to your table :)

It's A Wonderful said...

What a darling table! Good luck at your'll do very well!

IamSusie said...

Your set up looks great! You make terrific things! Good luck at the Farmer's Market. I'll watch for your table.. .hopefully I will remember to go!

The candle holder is perfect! FYI- I found that sugar packet holders are the perfect size for business cards too.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Yay, Kristi! Glad you are gonna try some painting. And best of luck with your sales at the Farmer's Market. All your stuff looks great. Thanks for reading so faithfully!

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