Friday, June 19, 2009

Market Day

I have been a bit MIA from blogland the last few days/week, but keeping quite busy.  Along with sewing dresses and other wedding stuff, I've been more involved with the kids since they are home all day and also diligently dieting and frequently exercising at the gym.  I have discovered I love Yoga!  As far as that goes, the pounds don't seem to be melting away very fast, but I certainly can feel it and am very excited about seeing more long term results.

Of course, in the below pic I don't look so great next to that dress form!  It will be interesting to see how I look by the next FM.  But anyway, that is me with the kids at my first Farmer's Market.  Didn't sell a whole lot.  Did get a lot of compliments.  Wonder if my prices were too high since some people looked and looked and didn't buy.  A LOT of people just walked by and didn't even glance at the table.  Another tough thing was that my table was on the side of the street that didn't have the food vendors, so that sidewalk wasn't traveled as much.  Well, it was a fun try and I've got two more attempts at this!  Plus I have to mention that so many sweet sweet friends came by to see me and offer support!  It certainly made the day more than worth it.


The cute thing is that Ella wants to sell something too!  So I've signed her up for the Munchkin Mart at the FM for next week.  We will make cookies and package them up and I will sit with her to sell them at the next FM.  As if I don't have enough on my plate already!  Well, it is for my child, so that's more than ok.  I am looking forward to putting the sewing on the back burner for a while to work with the kids more.  Reading to them more, teaching them more, library time, pool time, walking, park time etc...  It has been a lot of fun with them so far even though I otherwise seem to keep quite busy.  They are changing so much and have a hunger to learn and I want to help them nurture their curiosity and blossoming intelligence.

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It's A Wonderful said...

Hang in's crazy how these markets work. I've been to very busy markets where I barely covered the registration, then to a Grand Opening in a friend's Curves and made quite a bit of $$$. There's just no telling...!

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