Monday, June 1, 2009

New Favorites Acquisitions

When I was younger, I remember once going antiquing with my mother near her hometown in a small town called Trenton, Missouri. I wasn't sure what I should tell her I would like to buy, so she gave me the advice "Don't buy it unless you absolutely can't live without it." Now of course there is plenty we can all live without, but I know that's not what she meant. It was more along the lines of don't buy it unless you are absolutely crazy about it.

Well I found two things that fit this category in the past two weeks. The first item is something I looked up - artwork with a particular scripture verse on it. At the Teen Mother Choices graduation a couple of weeks ago, not only were two teen moms graduating, but our director was graduating out of her role into a new role overseeing all of the TMC offices in the area. She said a bible verse for each of the girls and each of the mentors. The one she said for me was from Galatians 5:22 and I really liked it. A good reminder to see everyday I thought. So I looked it up on Etsy under artwork and boy did I find something I LOVED! And I got it:


This little goody was purchased from Dee at her Etsy shop redletterwords. Go check her out, she has so much more including non-scripture. I just love this look!

Second thing I LOVE and "couldn't live without" was this super sweet super cute teapot with perched bird. I saw these at Homegoods. Was not looking for anything like this, but it totally jumped out at me. They had two different designs of teapots with the same sweet bird atop. My daughter asked if I was going make tea in it. I said "maybe," but what I really meant was "and take the risk of breaking it?" Ha!


Have you found anything lately that you "just couldn't live without"?

3 ripples:

Crystal said...

I love those verse canvases! :)

Margaret said...

Those are both great finds.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Kristi, thanks for leaving me a note so I could see your birdie teapot! Too cute, I do love it. I'm trying to stay out of the stores though, since I find so many great things at the yardsales. But, Homegoods is one of my fave places to shop.

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