Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day of Botanica

Today we met Jason for lunch at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I brought lunch and we ate outside at a picnic table.  I like to dress the kids nicely, because it is so lovely and I don't want them to look like little hobos.  Plus there are always plenty of photos ops.

2009 07 14_5997

This is just classic Ella.  No one is a stranger to her and if it has anything to do with arts or crafts, she's in.  If there is nothing else I remember about Ella at this age, this is the one thing I do.  She skipped right over to this artist.

2009 07 14_6011

What a sweet young lady to indulge our girl!

2009 07 14_6014

Then Ella gave her drawing to her new friend.

2009 07 14_6018

The Botanic Garden is a beautiful place.  I am so thrilled that our children love to go there and ask so many questions about nature.  You can see here that they are holding papers.  Those are "Bingo" cards that they play as they walk around.  They put stickers on the items shown on their cards as they see them.  Here they are headed to the Japanese Garden.

2009 07 14_6025

Then they were dying to go to the Fruit and Vegetable garden.  This archway is made of apple trees.  Just beautiful!

2009 07 14_6035 

What a lovely trip to the Garden today!

2 ripples:

SoMi's Nilsa said...

And what a lovely day to go to the Botanical Gardens. Unlike today!!

Shayla said...

What a beautiful day!

I love how friendly your daughter is!!! that is awesome that she jumped right in :)

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