Monday, July 13, 2009

Who's Rights?

I am not here to condemn, but I am always so curious what people who are pro-choice think about the rights of the unborn child.

In the last year I've read books about the Taliban in Afghanistan and was utterly horrified at the treatment of women.  If a husband were to beat his wife near death or even to death, it was his choice and his right.  This is not a mentality that is exclusive to this group of people either.  Well, what about the rights of the woman?  I'm sure most people in our culture are equally appalled by this mentality and behavior.  For me, my thoughts went instantly to the unborn in situations where in our culture, it is the choice and the right of a pregnant woman to end his/her life no matter WHAT the reason.  I have a hard time finding a distinction.

And then recently being around so many teens who chose not to end the lives of their babies, I have learned that there is great pressure all around them.  From boyfriends, from family, from friends, to choose to terminate.  Then how does this become their choice?

I know this is a controversial topic and people feel strongly on both sides.  I certainly don't fully agree with some of the tactics that pro-life groups use to get their point across.  But I still believe in the rights of the unborn over the inconvenience of their mothers.  Of course I am aware that the broad spectrum of "inconvenience" reaches all the way to life threatening dangers to the mother.

When I was a young teen, a short film was shown at a church camp I attended for a week one summer.  It really got me to thinking a lot about this subject.  Basically it showed a scene of the life of a handicapped teenager (born with a physical defect) throughout their day.  And then what that day was really like because their mother had chosen to terminate her pregnancy.  It was kind of like an "It's a Wonderful Life" type of thing and of course the results were sad.

With that, I have recently been thinking about this issue more and more.  Several women, both Christians and not have confided in me that they have had abortions.  I personally have not found one who was not brought to tears talking about it and who thoroughly regretted it.  It is something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.  And as young adults/teens, heavily influenced by the people and popular culture around them, they felt that they did not make an informed decision, let alone their OWN decision.

I do believe that we all can be forgiven for our sins if we confess and repent, and for that I am so grateful.  And yes, of course these women remain my friends!

The reason I thought of writing this post is because I came across this video and was struck by this life, a willing life that almost was not.  Her forgiveness of her mother and her gentle and accepting spirit, her zeal for life are apparent.  God gave Gianna Jessen a second chance and for that she is grateful, no matter that the failed abortion procedure caused her to have medical challenges.  In fact through those challenges, she has become strong and has taught those around her so much.  Remember, this could be anyone, this could be you.  What about her rights?  What about your rights?

And this is interesting too.  Did you know that "Roe" of "Roe v. Wade" is now pro-life?  Did you know she never had an abortion?  Did you know that she now feels that she was ill prepared at a young age to make such a big decision to fight the law when she took the matter to court?

I respect that everyone has their own feelings on this topic, but now you know what mine are and perhaps these explanations will help you to understand them a little better.

More clips of Gianna Jessen:

I promise that the next post will be light hearted, but I cannot apologize for trying to encourage some deep thought on such an important topic.

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

As you can probably guess, I fall on the other side of the spectrum on this debate, so I will keep my thoughts short. One thing I find interesting is those women who regret having abortions ... all of whom say they were ill-informed about their decisions to have an abortion? Well, I just wonder how many of them would also say they were ill-informed about the risks of having sex, let alone unprotected sex. It seems to me that it's about educating our youth ... about all the possibilities and all the restrictions of the choices we make.

Michelle said...

After 6 years of infertility, one miscarriage, and one failed in-vitro I would give anything to have the chance to be pregnant or have one of those children that someone didn't want.
It breaks my heart everyday.

Margaret said...

It is such a sad issue. I completely agree when she said what about someone fighting for her rights. I just don't understand how people can feel that an unborn baby is not already a living human.

We will never know what our world would be like if abortion was not an issue. The person who may have been able to create a cure for AIDS or cancer may have been aborted.

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