Monday, July 27, 2009

Dom and Allen's Wedding


Here are some amazing photos my husband took of a wedding we attended for Dominique who went through the Teen Mother Choices program that I volunteer for, and her now husband Allen.  It took place on July 26 in the early evening at Illinois State Beach Park.  An outdoor ceremony right near the beach of Lake Michigan and an indoor reception.  What a beautiful day!  {Oh, and maybe you will notice the flower girl dresses that I made for the occasion!}

20090726-12  Naiyana - Daughter of the Bride

20090726   Anticipation

 20090726-4          Give Away

20090726-5  Ready to Wed

20090726-10   Bonded

20090726-11  Pretty Hair

20090726-14  Dom Does

20090726-15 With this Ring

20090726-16 Humor

20090726-17   Mr. and Mrs.

20090726-19 The Ladies

20090726-20 Lily admiring a lily

20090726-24 The Cake

20090726-25 Teen Mother Choices

20090726-26  Us

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