Friday, July 31, 2009

The First {and so far Last} Quilt I've Made {photos are from a previous post}

I see a few blogger that I love to follow making {some already finished} their first quilts. So I wanted to show off my first quilt again, it's been a couple years since I last showed it off. I think it's due for another brag, ha ha.

I did this all myself. I didn't send it out to be quilted together by a professional, but rather I foolishly decided to do it myself. Piecing the quilt, LOVE IT {cutting and sewing all the strips and squares and border}. I was so proud and excited that I COULD DO IT! Then came the quilting part. I made my quilt "sandwich" and started that daunting quilting process. Much hair was pulled out and I thought I had RUINED my masterpiece! It was so hard. Even with a baby quilt, there is a lot of bulk to try to roll up and squish up and keep under control. And getting an even stitch? Forget it... I actually DREW my squiggles onto the quilt with a washable pen. I also made a fancy border and on the top wrote {stitched} the words "Oh What a Joy!" I never heard back from the couple who's baby I sent this to, but I did hear that they received it. Well, I hope they liked it. Such is my life.

And after that, I stayed away from quilting. Mainly because of that free motion thing. I made this back in 2006. So, I think it is maybe time to revisit the quilt thing again. I actually did purchase a pattern for a doll quilt recently. Ha ha, that can't be too much bulk to quilt now can it? Plus my mom has a huge free motion quilting apparatus that takes up nearly the length of her whole sewing room. So I guess in theory, I have no excuse.

Oh, and as for sewing on the binding {the final step}, that is my absolute favorite part of the process. I love sitting there working a slip stitch onto a quilt binding, or anything else for that matter.

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Just me.....Shelly said...

i looooooooooooooove that! I so need to finish my many "started a quilt" projects, LOL!

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