Monday, August 3, 2009

Because I Love Him!

OH did I cringe every time we went to the fabric section at Hobby Lobby and Miles informed me that he wanted this fabric! I never really took him seriously. Well I never seriously thought of buying the fabric at least!

This last time he was more specific. After Ella mishearing that he wanted me to make him a skirt and me questioning him. He said "No A Shirt!"


And how could I say no?

I could not.


A couple yards of this fabulous fabric, some red thread, four checkered buttons, a McCall's 4164 pattern, throw in a bit of frustration here and there and the result is this.


Hope he loves it! {Think he does}.


3 ripples:

Anonymous said...

Bright but cute. Mother

SoMi's Nilsa said...

If that shirt makes Miles THAT happy, it was worth the trouble. He's doing a happy dance!

Michelle said...

I saw this fabric in Hobby Lobby today and thought about you!!! I had to giggle with the thought of you sewing this shirt for him.
It looks like you made him very happy and it did come out super cute!Still...everytime I am in Hobby Lobby and see this fabric I still may have to laugh at the story behind it!

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