Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Items

Here are two new casserole carriers that I will be offering at the Farmer's Market today.  


This one was inspired by the colors of fall.


The newer items are Gift Recipe Books.  The have a blank label on the front for you to personalize a book.  They are meant for gifts for say, a bridal shower.  All the guests could submit a recipe to add, or a family member could add family favorites into one book.  They could also be used as party favors to give all your guests a book of recipes.  Or even a blank book to fill.


I once gave away similar booklets at a cookie exchange for people to tape all the cookie recipes into.


When we are back from our trip, I'll put these in the Etsy shop and I think I'll offer sets of 5 random booklets at a bulk discount.  What do you think?  Good idea?

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Nicole M said...

I just love the circle dish carrier. The fabrics are so cute together. Great job!! I think if you offered the books seperatly and then had a bulk purcahse offer as well as a seperate listing. This would only work if you had more then one of each booklet.

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