Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Table Runner

Remember that table runner I was working on? Well, it has been finished for several days now, but I just put it through the washer and dryer last night/this morning before finally taking some pics. If you don't know why I'd do this, it is because quilts look so much better after a wash and dry than after just being freshly made. The fabric shrinks up a bit and the quilting looks more pronounced and fabric puffier.


So, here it is, in all it's quilty goodness. I do love it, but don't think the colors go in OUR house.


But I'd bet they'd work in SOMEONE's house! And so, I'm hoping that someone else absolutely loves it and buys it from me tomorrow at the Farmer's Market. And if not there, maybe on Etsy later.


I've been working hard to finish two more casserole carriers, which indeed ARE done. I'll try to get pics of those soon.


photos are on our coffee table and not a dining table, because our kitchen table is not in pretty shape and the dining table is full of my sewing stuff

And though I've been down about not having much business lately, I have thought about another way to sell on Etsy. See, I have all this leftover fabric to make more stuff, but don't even know where to start. So what I could do is offer made to order items. I would post photos of sold items and offer to make them custom upon request.

I've also finally gotten around to making a new item that I purchased materials for what seems like eons ago. Photos of those to come soon too. I could also sell these in sets of random styles, since they are made to be gifts and someone might want to use them as party favors.

My/our week is pretty crazy. We are going into the city for a couple nights after my afternoon of Farmer's Market. Then Sat. off for another trip. Haven't had much time to post here lately, but I will try to at least get up some photos of the items mentioned!

Oh, almost forgot! I found out through www.craftcult.com that I have a feature on a gift guide on Etsy! See it here.

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Your runner is gorgeous...love those bright colors and such a joyous pattern mix! Congrats on the gift guide...hope it brings lots of new eyes (and buyers) into your shop!
Smiles, Karen

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