Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of the Big K!

I can't believe this day is here, and yet I can.  She is such a big girl, so smart, so motivated.  It is time.  Time for our oldest to go to Kindergarten.  So please permit me to proudly share some photos of our drop off.  Jason joined as well.  It means a lot to me (and more importantly to Ella) that he wanted to be there.

We chose to send Ella to Kindergarten at the Montessori school she attended for three years for pre-school.  It is a full day program and the children can learn at their own pace and own level.  The teacher is wonderful.  We are quite happy with our decision.  The public schools do not offer a full day program.  But we do plan to enroll her in public school next year.

Posing by the school sign in her back-to-school outfit and new haircut.


Waiting for door to open and school to start.


Getting situated after being greeted by the wonderful teacher and meeting a new friend and an old friend.


She's ready!


At least one tear may have been shed.

The report after school from the teacher was that she did well and is reading at an impressive level.  The report from Ella is that she LOVED it.  It was fun to hear the details of her day too.  I left a note in her lunchbox and she clearly appreciated it.  I'll have to make a habit out of it!

2 ripples:

SoMi's Nilsa said...

She looks so at ease. So happy. Makes for an easy start to full days of school. Did Miles miss her during the day?

Sarah said...

Good golly she looks so big!

We toured a montessori preschool/kindy this week and it was a lovely place. I am sure she will have an exciting year!

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