Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nothing in this World is Forever


Top of archway leading to the outdoor ceremony site at the Little White Church on the Hill, 2009

This weekend we went camping with two other families in Galena, IL.  Galena happens to be where Jason and I had our wedding.  We were excited to go back to see the chapel where we got married 7 years ago and to show it to our kids for the first time ever.


Little White Church on the Hill, Scales Mound, IL, 2002

The chapel is an old, small, pretty building that was purchased by a retired couple who's family attended church there.  It is out in the hilly country about 10 minutes or so outside of the town of Galena.  They fixed it up really lovely and rent it out for weddings.


Little White Church interior with our pastor and wedding coordinator preparing, 2002

Roll C31

Our Wedding Sept. 14, 2002

The visit was bitter sweet.  It was great to be there again, but the building is showing quite a bit of wear.  Paint chipping, windows broken.  The realization set in that this church may not be there forever.  So the next time we visit, we will probably call ahead of time to see if we can go in the inside.  Before it's, gulp, not there anymore someday.


Sept. 6, 2009

But we will always have our memories of that day.  And we will enjoy going back for as long as we can.

Happy 7th Anniversary Jason!

5 ripples:

Erica said...

Happy anniversary! It looks like a lovely wedding, and your kids are adorable.

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love the church. It looks like something out of a movie. It's just so cute!
Enjoy your day today!

Andie said...

What a special memory.

On to another subject. I don't suppose you have any grand ideas about how to make a tiny starfish costume? I'm counting on your seamstress skills!

It's A Wonderful said...

Happy Anniversary!
What a beautiful little church. Maybe somebody will buy it and restore it.

You were a lovely bride!

Andie said...

Think big puffy (foam?) star with arms/head/legs as points, with a cut out for face. Covered in what? Something starfishy? I don't know. What am I thinking? Except a pail and shovel for gathering treats!

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