Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stash Patch Skirt

SM0905My mom gives and lends me some of her sewing magazines often. This spring she lent me a copy of Stitch. I forgot about it for a while but then found it and looked through it only to find a skirt I wanted to make for Ella. When I called her to say I had just found it and would return it after making the skirt, she said she'd bought another one. Sorry Mom!

Well, ahem, here is the project I wanted to do. It was great for me because it helped me to really use up some of my stash. I really don't like the feeling of having nice fabric, even remnants from other projects, sitting around. This made me feel many of those pieces were put to {good?} use. Plus, I didn't have to buy anything extra for this project so it was relatively FREE!


The little apron across the front is embellished with a few buttons.


The hem is trimmed with some blue lace hem tape. I don't think it supposed to be used for this purpose, but I don't care. How many people will even know? Or care, for that matter?


As usual, Ella makes my crazy creations look cute.


Maybe it wasn't such a smart thing to do, my hand still hurts! Though I didn't use the rotary cutter, but rather scissors. So I guess the general movement just aggravated whatever was wrong. I think it may be time to call the doctor on this one.

4 ripples:

CD Duplication said...

cool pics

Michelle said...

Oh it is too cute!!!
I love that boutique-patchy style so much! Amazing job!

*and thanks for the birthday wishes! You are a great friend!

Crystal said...

That is SUPER CUTE. I will take one please. :)

Anonymous said...

i love it!!! so cute!

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