Monday, September 21, 2009

A Hole in Our House

As of 2 years ago, we have been talking about replacing our worn out sliding glass door.  We decided it was a good time to get a wider door to take advantage of our wonderful view of the pond out behind our house.  We do have two back doors, each quite close to one another.  So we finally decided to go with the less expensive alternative, windows.  We also opted to have the railing on that side of the deck removed and the stairs continued to the end to remove that obstruction from our view.

You can see how much more openness we were in store for.  Look how narrow the double sliding door was.


Here they have supported the ceiling with lumber while they took out some studs in the wall.


It was very strange having a huge open hole in our family room.  The inside was on display like a doll house.


Here the windows have been installed.

20090825-5 20090825-4

Siding back in place

2009 08 31_6244

Deck finished.

2009 08 31_6243

Trim installed and staining in progress.

2009 08 31_6245


20090910-2 20090910

We absolutely love it and now need to think about some window treatments...

Hope you enjoyed a peak into the transformation! 

3 ripples:

Crystal said...

that looks great!! what a difference!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I had no idea that the window was replacing a much smaller door. Looks great...and has me even more motivated to work on our home improvements.

Jennifer said...

It looks really nice! I bet you love the view and natural light now.

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