Sunday, September 27, 2009

Move Over Vera

Well, maybe not quite!


I have been busy with my head down at the sewing machine for the past two weeks. I've been working on a custom order from a client whose youngest daughter was in one of my dance classes last season. She wanted a duffle bag for her older daughter to use for her dance classes. The girl wanted it quilted and kind of Vera Bradley-ish but with funkier fabrics. She chose several fabrics that she wanted included in the bag and I met with the mom for her to relay all of the features she wanted.

I am now done and here is the finished product!

Front of the bag with matching makeup pouch

(I don't know if you can tell, but this thing is HUGE, I filled it with 4 large bath towels to give it shape for the photos)


Side with pocket


Back of bag


Inner side pocket


Inner end pocket


All fabrics are from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market Line in the Spring colorway.

Though I personally am not quite into the whole quilted bag look, I have to admit that it was really fun quilting all the pieces and seeing them all puff up before my eyes!

I hope she loves it. She came by before I sewed on the shoulder straps to see if the length was ok and both she and her mom were really excited.

Phew, onto my next projects... hemming jeans, adding an embellishment onto a homecoming dress and making a birthday dress for a little girl (not my girl). I also hope to get a few more potholders and maybe casserole carriers made (ha, good luck with that!) before a Boutique show I will be in in October! More on that later.

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