Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Decor

I started writing this post a few weeks ago, then waited to publish it when I heard that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality was having her "It's Fall Y'all" Linky Party. 

Well, my mantel is ready for fall.


This year I actually had a vision.  I must have seen these bundles of um, weeds fall foliage? somewhere because they came to mind, as well as placing little pumpkins on my black candle stick holders. (now if you look at Rhoda's decor on her blog, maybe that is where I got the idea for pumpkins on candle stick holders)

I found the pumpkin candles and bundles of fall foliage at Target in the Smith and Hawkins section.


The "hurricane" is actually a vase that came with some flowers that Jason sent me recently.  I filled it with coffee beans and put a nice plump candle in it. The small blue vase is something I bought a while back to hold the wild flowers that the kids love to pick for me.

I recently found a ton of acorns in a corner of our yard from our neighbor's tree and had the kids pick them up for me.  I used them for a filler in another hurricane.  Warning:  if you decide to use acorns for decor, make sure to soak them a while in salt water to kill any creepy crawlies that may be hiding inside!


And... some other fall decor I have around the house.

Here is a pumpkin "planter" project I made a couple of years ago.  A Southern Living at Home project idea.


A wire pumpkin candle holder I've had for years purchased at Kohl's and two chenille pumpkins purchased from a crafter at a garage sale a few years ago.


An acorn pillow my mom made for me last year.


Here is a project idea that I stole from Creative Little Daisy this year.  Much cheaper than buying something similar available this year at Pottery Barn!


Do you put up fall decor?  What do you put up?  I'd love to see your photos too!  And if you want, you can link them up to Rhoda's Party too!

10 ripples:

marie said...

Such pretyy decorations ~ I love the chenille pumpkins and the acorn pillow!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Love the acorn pillow and the pumpkin with lights! Happy FAll!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

We painted our living room orange. That's about as fall as we're going to get around our place. =)

Audra said...

I love your fall decor, the little chenille pumpkins are darling. Thank you for sharing, I feel inspired to start my fall decorating.

Sherri S said...

Love adding nature to the decor, your acorns! That wire pumpkin is so very pretty. Now I want one. Lots of pretties here!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Luv those little chenille pumpkins...just toooo cute! Thanks for the tip on the acorns...I will be sure to do this. HAPPY FALL!


Mimi said...

Your fall decorations are beautiful.

Marie said...

Hello Kristi - it's nice to meet ya! Love all your Fall decor! Especially those candle stick holders with the pumpkins on top! Fabulous. Thank you for sharing!


Courtney said...

so very cute!! I just went to my parents house to pick acorns for a vase filler! Such a fallish easy thing to do!

Amanda said...

love the decorations, especially the grapevine pumpkin.

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