Friday, September 4, 2009

A Renaissance

My cousin Katie works at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin in the summer.  She lives in Austin, TX and I haven't seen her much throughout our lives, so we make a point to get to the Faire (which is very close to us) each summer.  Once again it was great to see her.  This was also the first year the kids really enjoyed the Faire more than ever in the past.

Katie and I (it was a tad chilly that day)

20090829-13 20090829-12

Broon, a favorite entertainer.


Missed most of the horse show, but got to pet one.


Among other things, this entertainer "The Flaming Idiot" makes sandwiches with his feet.  He holds the worlds record for doing this the fastest.  I wonder how much competition he has.  It was pretty unappetizing to watch.  Especially when he plunged a foot into a large jar of pickles.


He also climbed up on Jason to juggle fire.

20090829-4 20090829-5 20090829-6  20090829-8 

The petting zoo.


Miles was not so brave.  I don't blame him.


This porcupine is only 6 months old.  It stayed up on a roof and apparently bites.  Luckily it is unable to get off of the roof, although it certainly tries.


There was also a very aggressive zebra.  It was kind of a bizarre petting zoo.

These are just some of the highlights of our day.  It was a LOT of fun!

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