Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Stranger

I know I haven't been very forthcoming with posts lately.  Perhaps I have been hiding a little, like this little fellow...

...our cat Paris.paris1013

Working a little on some sewing jobs like...

...adding a tulle ruffle to the neckline and other alternations of this homecoming dress.20091007


...a lot.20091003-3


Mourning more than a little...


Nursing my daughter who had croup and myself with a lovely cold weather-related upper-respiratory congestion.

Now I am focusing on sewing lots of items for Kitchen Stitchen.  Because I have THREE Boutique shows coming up!

I've made a few new seasonal potholders.


And while I wait for more terry cloth fabric and insulbrite to arrive, I have been deciding what to make with some "orphan" fabric I have.  So I made two of these children's aprons (identical) and plan to make two more identical aprons in a deep blue fabric with lime green trim.  I'm thinking holiday gifts here.  Any other ideas of kitchen gifts to make?

apricotaproncloseup apricotapron 

And if you are interested in the upcoming shows I will be in:

  • Here is a link with info for the first one:

The Unique Boutique

  • The second is in Indiana at my friend's mother-in-law's house and I don't have info for that just yet.
  • And the info for the third show can be found at the link below:

TMC Holiday Tea and Boutique

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