Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shades of Red, Pink and Cream

The autumn colors have been so vibrant this year.  I think that they are most years, but I am never not amazed each year how stunning they are.  Today our subject is a bush in our front yard.  I cannot even begin to capture its beauty in photographic form, but I tried.

autumn 004

A more complete view of this bush projects reds, pinks and creams.  I love the transition of color throughout the bush. 

autumn 006

I love leaves on the ground.  I purposely like to turn down a side street when I’m coming home from running the kids around.  That side street is heavily scattered with golden leaves and since it is not as well traveled, the leaves cover more of the surface of the road.  It is like I’m driving on a street of gold, only better.

autumn 009

It is heartwarming to witness Ella and Miles admiring the beauty of nature as well.  Miles told me that a tree with bright red leaves was “beautiful”.  Ella enjoys this bush in our front yard as much I as do.  She delighted in finding a pink leaf and gave it to as a loving gesture.

autumn 018

Hope you are having a beautiful fall too.  I’m off to work on a few more potholders before my next craft show.

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Anonymous said...

I would agree...the colors do seem more vibrant this year. Perhaps its because I have been more deliberate about spending time taking them in and enjoying them.

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