Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Break from the Cold

On Wednesday we got a nice break from the colder temps that have been the norm lately in the Chicago area.  While I felt like I should have been totally devoted to my sewing for this Friday, I could not resist finding any excuse to play outside with the kids.  So to feel less guilty about playing hooky for a few hours from my work, I decided to rake.  And thus, the kids got to play in the leaf piles.  It was so warm, about 69 degrees F, that none of us needed coats.  As usual, the kids loved bathing in the leaf piles.  This provided a great photo opportunity.  Here is the best of the few I took before I got really serious about the raking.  (You should see how many more leaves fell since yesterday!)


Here are my two favorite aprons (on my two favorite kids)...


And my favorite new potholders.  I want to keep one.  Luckily I have plenty more of these fabrics if I want to make one for myself.


Here is my apron display for the show...


Onto tagging all of the new items!

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