Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Very Biased


I continue to sew sew sew for the Friday show!  I finally cut myself off from starting anything new and settling on finishing all of the items I have started.  Which still means a lot of work.  The most time consuming part of this all is making bias strips.  These bias strips are needed for both the potholders and the kids aprons which are the items I am working on now.  Lots and lots of bias tape is needed for the kids aprons.  Yards and yards of bias strips! 

To make these, I cut strips on the bias (45 degree angle) of the fabric.  Then I sew them together to make one really long strip.  Next is ironing the seams and cutting off the extra triangles on the sides.  Finally, I use my bias tape maker to fold the fabric lengthwise into double folds.


Bias tape makers

For the aprons I iron both folds, for the potholders I only iron one fold.  Then for the aprons I fold it in half lengthwise and iron again.  Phew!

If you are interested in how to make bias tape, here is a place to start.

(from - Penny Halgren).

There are a few ways to make bias strips.  I know two ways, but have just been doing straight forward cutting for now instead of a more complicated tube method.  Learning to make bias strips/tape is a GREAT technique.  They can be used for so many things like binding a quilt or even making piping for a pillow.  Or, of course the examples below.

More potholders (these take a while to finish when you take into account all the steps required.


Layers of kids aprons on the dress form.  Yes, I'm making a couple of boy's aprons. aprons1

More aprons waiting to be finished (just need, you guessed it, BIAS TAPE!).  With that, I better get back to it.


2 ripples:

cathy said...

LOVE the cowboy fabric!!!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ooo! I love the Autumn-y potholders (the seconds ones in, with the brown edges) & the Winter-y scene right next to those too. I also love the Christmas pattern in the aprons waiting to be finished!

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