Sunday, November 8, 2009

Indiana Show

Well, at one point I thought the Indiana show was my best ever – profit-wise.  And actually it was, by a very slim margin. 

But I would like to think it was a success on many levels.  First, it got my friend Gail out of the house for a much needed break from nursing her poor husband who had a terrible mountain biking accident a few weeks ago.  She was SO tired and the ride down gave her a chance to sleep.  Next, it is wonderful to be with Gail.  She is like a sister to me and I love her and her family dearly.  Heck, we went on 2 vacations with them this year! 

It is also wonderful to see what a lovely relationship she has with her in-laws, who were the folks having the craft show at their house.  They are absolutely lovely people and take me in as if I were family too.  As if there aren’t enough wonderful and lovely people spoken of already, the other vendors and the guests were among some of the nicest people I’ve met. 

As far as selling…  I consider my new potholder display a success because I sold a lot of potholders!  And for a while there, I had a constant stream of shoppers picking up items from my booth to buy.  Unfortunately, that tapered off sooner than I would have liked.  But as I said, I did make a decent profit.  Just a bit more than I’ve made at other shows.  One more show to go!  Not sure if I’ll make more potholders or not.  Oh, and I only sold one towel, so maybe I need to re-think a towel display.  Any ideas?

Friday was Ella’s dance classes and it happened to be parent observation week.  Here are some photos I’d like to share…

20091106-220091106  20091106-3  20091106-4

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