Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Display


Since my last craft show, I’ve been thinking a lot about my display.  I’m not so good with the psychology of selling, or whatever you call it.  But I did notice that the vendors next to me had their scarves blatantly displayed for all to see.  It was like eye candy and I immediately found myself scanning all of the scarves to find my favorite, to find which one screamed my name.  And so, from that experience, I concluded that having your stuff highly visible adds to the appeal of your product.  That is, if your product is appealing to begin with, I suppose.

I had a few ideas running through my head, mostly based on one that my friend Nilsa mentioned when she came to my last show.

When I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday, I saw these three paneled display boards and decided that for $3.99 plus my 40% off coupon, it was something I could work with.  So after some brainstorming with my husband and I, we came up with this…


Screws were inserted through the top of the board with washers and nuts on the back to keep them in place.  The screw heads were covered with a circle of fabric tied on by a ribbon that runs down the length of the board and small clothes pins were used to hang the potholders along the string.

It makes me happy!

2 ripples:

Anonymous said...

I love your display! is adorable!

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Love that you're using clothes pins so you can easily remove and replace pot holders. What's also cool about the three paneled board is you could easily paint it a color reflective of that season of year!

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