Monday, November 30, 2009


Is it just me, or does it seem like the year is moving quicker than ever? Maybe it is because of my advanced age?  Or maybe because I have two kids in school and one in school full time?  At any rate, Thanksgiving came and went and our house is already decorated for Christmas.  Plans are made for Ella’s birthday party.  We are all thinking of gifts for each.  I have some bought/made.

But I’ll slow down just a minute, to share some family pics from our Thanksgiving festivities.  This year TG was at my in-laws.

Here is my husband’s side of the family


And mine


And here our princess, who we later found out, has pneumonia.  She is currently on antibiotics and improving.  I still kept her home from school today and may tomorrow as well, just to get her adequate rest and to keep her immune compromised body away from other germs.


The next day we sat down in the evening together to watch the movie “Flywheel”.  As a family.  And Miles said “We should take a picture, you know of the family, it would look so cute.”  And so we did, in our lazy day clothes and all.


I’ve been sewing and crafting and decorating quite a bit lately, so I’m hoping to supply all my patient and loyal readers with more posts this week than usual.

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