Sunday, December 13, 2009

Birthday Girl

My sweet Ella, born just 6 years ago, celebrated her birthday this weekend.

With her friends, she had a Tea Party.  Cheers!


Gift cake boxes courtesy of Daisys and Dots.  I am so upset we didn’t get a photo of them all together before the kids tore into them.  They were SO cute.


Nico was on time, but most of the guests were fashionably late.




The kids had fun and were very well behaved!


Ella had another party with family.  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle John and Kris (John’s Girlfriend).

(Not sure why we don’t have photos of actual people besides Ella for this occasion).

Table set for stew.


A lucky girl with family, presents and a roaring fire!  20091212-9

I think she likes it.


Our pretty, sweet, smart, wonderful SIX year old!


Ella got lots of presents from her friend party too.  LOTS.  She was so excited about all of them.  In the evening, with family over she decided to dress her new Barbie in the new Barbie clothes.  She said she was getting ready for a date with a boy.  Her dad just about fell over.  I told him she’s already a teenager, talking about dates!  Neither of us were at all thrilled with the little bitty teeny weeny clothes Barbie wears these day either…

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