Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get Your Dot On!

Wow, this evening I am EXHAUSTED.  On top of being a crazy busy day including shoveling wet heavy snow on top of my partially finished to do list, I am ready for some me time.  Jason has been sick since Monday and while it is my pleasure to take care of him, I am so ready to have someone take care of me at this point.

Anyway, to take a break from creating (since I’ve had no time to create today), I am featuring a fellow small business owner/crafter.

I recently met a local (to me) team and their business godottygo! .  One of the owners invited me to a craft boutique they had in October and it was just amazing to see all of their creations!  They make mainly scarves as well as fingerless gloves and purses out of recycled sweaters that are donated or that they pick up at thrift stores.  A lot of work goes into their designs with a signature “dot” motif.  Each item is truly one of a kind!


Though the scarves are a bit pricey, they are worth it.  They are so totally cute and I get comments on mine just about EVERYWHERE I go!  Hopefully I bring in some business for them because I always tell people where I got my cute scarf and they almost always grab a pen or their iphone to record the store’s web url.

original_1 original_2


So if you are looking for a unique and beautiful Christmas gift, or something for yourself, make sure to check out godottygo! .

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