Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Day, Another Apron

Here is my FIRST custom order apron!  This is cut from my very own tweaked pattern.  (I HEART this fabric BTW – it is also HTF unfortunately). 20091208-3

It was tweaked (from the red snowflake apron pattern) for a few reasons.  20091208-2

In order of importance:

  1. The skirt was not flouncy enough.  So I went from a half circle to a full circle to cut the ruffle.  Boy am I glad I am good at geometry and math, specifically spatial reasoning.
  2. The neck and waist ties were shorter than I would have preferred.  I made the waist ties longer and the neck ties into one continuous neckband that can be slipped on over the head.  Much easier to manage.
  3. The apron was entirely too long, especially for the petite woman this one was made for.
  4. It was too much bulk to sew the edges of the neck ties/band right at the edge of the top of the bib, so I moved those in just after the side hem.


All and all I’d have to say, this pattern making thing is really fun and I recommend it to my fellow blog sewing friends.  There are definitely some challenges, but like with everything, it just takes practice and some trial and error.

P.S.  Here is the Jessie Steele apron I was trying to mimic (next to mine):

surlatableapron   20091208-3

I am going to squeeze in one more apron project before Christmas… Meanwhile I have yet another custom order, for 11 hand towels.

And I’d like to finally mention the great buy I found at a “garage sale”/estate sale/guy has several houses and is getting rid of this one and everything in it sale.  I have always wanted a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I have never wanted to pay the $200 or so for one.  I jumped at the opportunity to pick this one up for a fraction of the price!  I don’t think it was every used, or if so, very little.  I am really looking forward to making something with this new find!


3 ripples:

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Love the fabric - you did a great job with the apron! I'm sure your client is going to be very happy!

Also, funny enough, my mom offered to get Sweets and me a Kitchen Aid stand-up mixer for the holidays this year. I think we're going to take her up on it.

It's A Wonderful said...

Great apron! I love it! I'm getting ready to make a similar pattern, I love the flouncy skirt!

Wow, what a great deal on the mixer! I love mine, don't know what I ever did without it.

I'm bogged down in custom orders, with no end in sight. I feel like I'm drowning. Oh well, I'll get through it! Good luck with your orders!

Pondering the World said...

That is some beautiful fabric you've got there, that's for sure! Sewing is a lovely craft, haha. So much fun to be had in creating designs!
I love the apron you made, it's absolutely fantastic! I am sure your client who placed the order will be so pleased with it! I know I'd be tickled pink! :D It's so pretty.
I've never made an apron myself, but it's definitely something I think I'd do in the future ebcause I recently started to like cooking more than before...my cooking used to explode...out of all girls my age (15) I and the absolute worst cooker...but there is always room for improvement! <3

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