Friday, December 25, 2009

Wonderland Express

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope that you are having a wonderful day!!

More of our Christmas adventures…

As members of the Chicago Botanic Garden, we enjoyed our second trip to see the indoor winter train exhibit.  This time in the company of my brother John, his girlfriend Kris and Kris’ dad Dick (who volunteers as a train “engineer” at the garden year round).  The main room of this exhibit houses several trains running through a landscape made of all natural elements.  Even the houses and buildings.  The structures are all replicas of the types of houses and many landmarks in Chicago.  The first room houses the gingerbread house landscape and the last room has a Northshore section (the Botanic Garden is located in the Northshore area).

(All of the following photos were taken by my husband Jason).

Miles was very into his Bingo game card.


Detail on a gingerbread house.


Ella enjoying some bungalow replicas.  I believe there included a replica of Michelle Obama’s childhood home.


Look at that detail!


Brownstones of the Gold Coast. (Oprah?)


Replica of President Obama’s Hyde Park home.


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