Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Little Nook

Yesterday I finished a sewing project, for the house.  I took photos all along the way hoping to write it up into a tutorial.  That’s not going to happen today.  I’ve been having trouble breathing and have developed a cough.  Not much sleep for the past 3 nights.  Turns out I have bronchitis.  So I’m hoping to lay low for a bit until I feel better.  For now, here’s a peak at my new sewing corner.  I’ve had the machine in the basement right across from the computer.  Two bad things.  I don’t like not being in view of the sunlight and being so near the computer while sewing is distracting sometimes.  So I moved the machine and cabinet and a few other sewing items up to a corner in the guest room.  Because the guest room, it rarely gets used for guests anyway.  It’s pretty much a pretty laundry folding room.


I think I’m going to like this new arrangement.

2 ripples:

Trish said...

such a great idea! i have that same problem... computer + crafts + basement = bad combo.

hope you feel better. Alaina has pneumonia and we've been to the ER 2 nights in a row... no fun!

Sarah and Jack said...

Lose the guest room and go full on sewing room. That's the way I roll. :-P~~~

About your mat questions: we did ours with an exacto knife and my sewing/rotary mat. You won't get an uber fancy beveled edge but who ever notices that anyway?

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