Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hoop It UP

I’m so excited to brag about my friend Jen of tailspinhoops!  You may have seen me post about buying a hoop from her and her generous offer to gift one to me as a thank-you for letting them use the design I had custom made for my daughter as a regular item in their store. She and her boyfriend Jack are the creators and business partners behind the scenes at tailspin.  Well to get to the good part, tailspinhoops has been featured on Offbeat Brides!


Isn’t she so darn cute?

If you’ve been looking for a fun exercise or just something fun and new to do, consider hoop dance and order your hoop today!  Jen can help you pick out a hoop dance instruction video that is right for you.  She might even be able to help you find a local class.

Jen is super sweet and very accommodating.  She works full time and runs the hoop business with Jack.  She’s also a very loving and devoted mommy to 2 sweet cats and soon to be to 2 more (if not already).  I met Jen through the swing dance community, which is really a global community.  I’ve only met her briefly, very briefly once.  But have really enjoyed keeping up with her life and getting to know her over the years online.  She currently lives in Philadelphia, which explains why we don’t get together more regularly.  Ha!

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