Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girly Valance Reveal


Well, I really don’t know when I’ll have the time to right out the full tutorial anytime soon, so I’ll just show you what I made and save the tutorial for a later post (maybe!).

I had originally made these sheer lavender panels for Ella’s window. It’s not that I don’t like them, though the way they blended in with the wall paint was starting to bug me. The main problem was that right tie back. When Ella was younger, she’d keep tugging on it until it would pull the hardware out of the wall. Several holes are now in the wall (not noticeable in this picture though). And I gave up. So that panel has been hanging there like that for a while now.


I decided to avoid panels all together when thinking of a new window treatment. And went with a valance. I saw this basic style on the internet and thought that the Church Flowers in Pink fabric from Heather Bailey’s new Nicey Jane line would be a perfect contrast to the walls. It also kinda of compliments the spread, though I’m curious if she really needs a new quilt made out of fabric from this line. ;-)


One more closer shot. I never would have ever thought to use a non-decorator weight fabric for any form of window treatment, but by using a sturdy drapery lining fabric as an interlining (50% off this week at Hob Lob), I feel ok about it. By the way, I have learned that I will always use the lining fabric for all of my window treatments in the future, unless they are sheers of course. It just adds so much structure and weight to the finished piece.


Next up on the home dec. front involves making this 16 yard role of upholstery fabric into something… Lucky for us, the fabric was 70% off at our local candy store Loomcraft.


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Primary Work at Home said...

Wow I like it. Great post. I enjoy reading your blog.

sapphirelizard said...

When we finally get Anna's new room finished, I may just have to hire you to make something like that for her room. Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

ok that's fine, i just brought tons of bran-new emo backgrounds in my blog

Anonymous said...

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