Saturday, January 2, 2010

So We Thought Christmas Was Over

But… we forgot we didn’t exchange gifts with Jason’s brother Scott!

We went down to the city (Chicago – Lincoln Park) last Wed.  It was our first time visiting his new apartment which is located right across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo.  We all went over to enjoy “Zoo Lights”.


The front lobby of Scott’s apartment building (it used to be a hotel).  Isn’t it pretty!


Miles in Scott’s apartment.  He just looked so cute in his new hat made by his Grandma.


Scott’s Christmas tree.


A preview of something we’ll be doing in 2010?

20091230-8  20091230-1520091230-10

Ice Sculptures


Cold, but fun!


Then, though we did not go to Jason’s family friends party, some folks sent along some gifts for us and the kids.  Boy did they like these, hot chocolate mug sets.  And of course, Miles got the Cars set!


Anyone else taking advantage of after Christmas sales?

Here are a few nice ones…

Hanna Anderson


Childrens Place (got some Christmas presents for next year already!)

I’m sure there are more out there, but I’m going to stop looking in case I find more things we “need”.

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