Sunday, February 17, 2008

President's Day

No preschool for Ella tomorrow. However she does have dance and so do I (the class I teach). She loves her class and I've been so happy with my students too. I can't believe our little Ella will be performing on a stage. She can't wait. I hope she is fine. You'd think she would be, with her personality and fearlessness, but I guess you never know.

Spa was today and it was heavenly. Talk about being spoiled! I'll take that gift any day!

When I came home, Jason had painted the downstairs hallway. Looks great. Not sure if it is worthy of pics, just went from gold to a light beigey color. Well I'll take pics anyway.

I did take a pic of an apron I made, but the photo is awful. I think I need to wear it and have Jason photograph it in order to get the full effect.

So I leave you with this photo. Just keep in mind this is when I was OUT and Jason was home. I won't mention all the things this little guy gets into when I am home. This is reason number 101 why you can't take your eye off of Miles:

02 17 08_0440

P.S. Like my MESSY basement, Anonymous?

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Nilsa S. said...

Oh my - did he taking a running leap to get up there???!!!! Geez...

Missed you Friday night. It was a nice, relatively small gathering. Lots of fun catching up with everyone. Hopefully next time.

Glad you enjoyed your spa time. Dan gifted me a little spa time of my own ... can't wait to schedule it!

Junie Moon said...

How nice to have freshly-painted walls, makes everything seem so much better, doesn't it?

I'm so glad you had a lovely time at the spa. We need more frequent rejuvenation times, I do believe.

Kids do have a way to get into things as they explore all the things that fascinate them.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my, I cannot believe someone complained about the house being too clean. LOLOLOL

Andie said...

Yes. A bit rude anonymous. At least I thought so.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristi, thanks for stopping by! On that terracotta, I have painted those pots, will come off if it's outside, I found out. Mine crackled eventually & started peeling with regular paint. You might be able to do a concrete paint faux finish on it. I have used Patio Paints outdoors on concrete & it sticks pretty well, but has to be touched up every couple years. But I'm not sure that you'll get long results from painting that terracotta. My experience has been that the paint comes off. If you had it indoors, it would be fine, but outside is a different story.

I do love my new recipe binder & I may have to get some of those 3x5 inserts too for my old cards.

Talk to you soon!

Ivy said...

I was checking out blogs in blogsbycategory and I found yours. Your son is the cutest! I love that pic. I can't stop aww-ing and laughing. How did he get up there?

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