Tuesday, July 1, 2008

One Fell Through

One of the opportunities Jason was looking into didn't pan out. But there are many more in the pipeline, so keep praying, thinking of us, keeping your fingers crossed for us!

Changing subjects. I have been finding myself trying to really focus on other things these day to keep my mind off the waiting. One area has been my weight. Though I can't complain too much, I was starting to feel pretty uncomfortable in my skin, or shall I say the excess fat. In the past I've been on the South Beach Diet. It is the only diet I've ever been on. Don't hate me, but I've never really needed to lose weight until after both pregnancies. For many reasons now I'm sure, it has been easier to put on weight. I contemplated going on the South Beach Diet again, but was hesitant for many reasons. I don't need to lose that much weight. It is a bit torturous. I need to do something now that I can live with, not lose a lot of weight up front and then not stick on a plan. So I decided to do something NOW that I can pretty much follow long term. That is eating a healthy breakfast, a salad for lunch and whatever I want for dinner within reason. I'm not totally cutting out carbs or anything. And though I haven't weighed myself, I am starting to feel better, trimmer, more comfortable in my skin. So I plan to stick with this, because I can live with it.

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Nilsa S. said...

Healthy eating is probably one of the best ways to stay trim and fit. Your past experiences clearly give you guidelines to live by today. Incorporating them in a way that works best for you makes it easy to stick with it in the long run. Let me know how things go!

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