Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend and Today

I owe you some photos from our weekend adventure to Wisconsin.

Going backwards, here is a photo of the kids eating brunch at our cousin's in Madison Wisconsin.

The fun temporary attraction they took us to see. Ahhh, the Statue of Liberty has fallen into Lake Mendota near the Student Center at U of W-M! Read more about the original Hoax from 1979. The original statue looks much better anyway! More here about bringing the statue back this year.

Original Statue from 1979...


The rest here were taking either Thursday or Friday during our stay at the Chula Vista Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells.

Kids at the waterslides.

Ella and the guys floating in the Lazy River.

Gail reading to Ella and James (her son) by the "fire". We all love Gail!

All the kids slept hard. Well, at least the second night...


As for today. My Valentine's present surprise that I was going to gleefully show is defective and I have to return it for a new one. Anway, it was, as you may have guessed, a new sewing machine. Yes, the Marie Osmond Quilter's Companion by Janome. I can operate the machine, but there is a part that is automatic that doesn't work the way it should. I can work it manually, but that's just not good for a brand new machine.

Nevertheless, I've started working on some placemats. I had another idea, but then was inspired to do this one instead. But I'm not sure if I should sew the circles on or not. That was the whole point of the inspiration. But I'm not sure if maybe it looks cuter without the circles? If so, I don't want to do all that work and use all that extra fabric.

Do you have any opinion?

without circles

with circles

Finally, here is my latest casserole carrier. I've already listed two in the shop, but they have not even budged! Not sure if it is worth it to make many more unless something sells. These are not cheap at all to make because they require SO much fabric!

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

Looks like your weekend was just what the family needed. What fun!

While I like the idea of the casserole holder, I don't know anyone who uses them. The concept might be foreign to a lot of people (I had never heard of them until I met you), and therefore your audience might be much smaller than you think. Stick to the things that will appeal to a mass audience (and are far easier to make) and I'll bet your store will continue to do well!

And yay for the new sewing machine. That's very exciting!

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