Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exciting New Boy Stuff!

As you already know, if you've been reading for a while. I LOVE making clothes for my daughter from designer fabrics. I even bought a hand sewn dress recently made of fabrics from the Sugar Snap line by Melissa Averinos. Ella wore it today, but I failed to take a photo. It was so darling. Here are some photos from the Ebay listing by the creator


OK, so that's not the boy stuff yet.

I recently ordered some fabric for making new towels and potholders. One of my strategies to lower costs is to purchase as much as I can from the same seller. So I was able to find a seller on Etsy who sold a lot of what I wanted. And really, in retrospect, I already have some modern birds and some chickens on yellow, so didn't really need the last fabric I wanted with more but different modern birds. Though I do love birds. I also wanted some special fabric for a special project for a special boy. So here is the fabulous packet of fabrics I ordered from Fabricworm. I tell you, I highly recomend this shop. She's on Etsy, but I found that she has an off Etsy store where you can be more exact ordering your cuts. The shipping was low, and speedy lightening quick. Also, just look at that neat bundle all tied up with twine. And I didn't even show the cute tag with the bookwo..., I mean fabricworm on it! I will definately be back to her shop.

OK, OK where is the boy stuff right? Well it is right here!

A cute short and top outfit made from Keri Beyer Rocket Scientist Countdown Blue fabric.

This is a very new fabric line and I haven't seen anything sold on Etsy with it yet outside of a burp cloth.

I'm was/am very excited for a cute yet boyish fabric to make a custom outfit for my son. Isn't he a good model? He followed my instructions for posing very well!

And I must say I am so happy at how excited Miles was that I made this for him.

FYI these are meant to be a summer outfit, not pajamas. Though they'd work as pajamas I guess.

Here's the kicker. I'm fairly certain I have enough fabric to make an entire other pair of shorts in size 3/4 as well as a T-shirt applique. So, dear reader(s), do you want an outfit like this for your son? I know some of you have sons out there and have a hard time finding cute custom clothes. I can go smaller sizes too. I would just charge for the cost of materials and shipping. I think it would come out somewhere around $15 (including the T-shirt which is from Target). I would also probably suggest a black or white shirt. I don't know what I was thinking with the light blue. But if you like it, hey, that's fine too. The rocket doesn't show up really great there. If more than one person responds, I'll most likely go with a regular reader that I know. And if more than one regular reader responds, I'll go with the first regular reader commenter. I would prefer to make this for someone's son over a nephew or son of a friend or grandson, but we'll see.

My sewing machine saga continues. I got my old machine back from repair only to find that one thing I specified as broken and was promised would be fixed, was NOT. So I'll need to bring it back. As for my new one. I sent it back and I'm waiting for a replacement, rather impatiently I might add!

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Anonymous said...


:ahem: Sorry for shouting.

Yes, I would very much like this, please.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I love the look of bundled fabrics. It's so full of promise! Your seller did a really nice job! And so did you - I'm pretty sure you've got some darn happy kids!

Crystal said...

I love it Kristi!! It is always hard to find fun things to make for boys!! What a cute outfit!! :)

Binny said...

Good collection of fabrics? I also make my own designs for my kids.Your kids are very cute !!

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