Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ta-Da! The Apron


When I started the concept for Kitchen Stitchen, the last thing on my mind to make was APRONS.  They are big, take a good chunk of fabric and take a decent amount of time to make.  But I kept getting requests and recommendations to make aprons.  I didn't want to do something like a lot else that I see out there.  So I decided on a linen embellished style.  Real 100%, not exactly cheap linen {thank-you 40% off Joann's coupon for saving me}.  My lovely neighborhood {literally neighborhood, how did I get so lucky} quilt and fabric store has a good chunk of these great Mona Luna Metro Market fabrics.  These modern birds are so cute and I also truly love the red O's!  I have enough fabric to make another apron, so I probably will and just set it aside when this one sells, or maybe I'll even save it for Farmer's Market.  Can't wait to try it in some other fabrics.  Shelly at Quilt Play has order some more kitcheny type fabrics with me in mind {oh I feel so honored} which I will probably need to buy much of for making lots of store items!


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Crystal said...

Very cute...I have had aprons on the brain lately too! :)

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