Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crafts, Books and Crafty Books

I seriously want to make one of these burlap wreaths!  And we even have a red front door which the wreath nicely contrasts.  Linda is promising a tutorial each day for an entire week over at Craftaholics Anonymous!  I hope one is for the burlap wreath!  Though I think you’d just tie burlap strips around a circle wreath form…  and add a handmade flower or two.


Yesterday I received my Creative Dance book which will help me in integrating some important movement exercises into my pre-dance classes.  I can’t wait to read about this philosophy of learning dance and some sample lesson plans. 

Today I decided to buy this apron sewing book with my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  It has a few apron styles that I’ve wanted to buy patterns for or simply could not find patterns for.  {yippee}

This morning, I happily shipped off my first order since relisting my items on Kitchen Stitchen.  In our new car.  Yeah, we got a new car on Monday night.  It is not as “fun” as the car I used to drive, but it does have a smooth ride, it’s roomy and seems more insulated from sounds and elements.  I think it will take a while, but I think I’ll really like it someday.

Finally, take a look in the shop, I have all the new Holiday Themed potholders listed!  And, what is that?  They are discounted!  That’s right, get ‘em while they last.

2 ripples:

It's A Wonderful said...

I have the apron book and it's great...except for the fact that certain patterns are impossible to enlarge. Let me know where you end up taking some of the patterns to have enlarged. I would love some tips!

Love your potholders!

Kristi said...

Here is an interesting blog post about the enlargement dilema

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